Nick Welch - Old portfolio

Breaking the rules.

Now don't laugh, but the long hair is infact an illusion.

I put this together to talk about the work we were doing.

Presenting is extremely challenging.

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Mark Shinn

World chamption in kiteboarding.

I filmed this in one evening on greenscreen and keyed in aftereffects.

This was another exciting project which I spent day and night creating.

Clean, simple, white. As a result Mark Shinn sold more kiteboards that year than anyone else. A great friend.

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Beaches of Barbados

Online video map experiment.

I wanted to document how special Barbados was by creating a video map.

Produced and edited all five films.

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Jon Stapleton

Director of photography.

Site for a very talented cameraman and a good friend.

I thought it was only right to help promote what he does by creating video site of his works.

Aimed to make it work on iPad and iPhone.

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