BBC - Safety at Work

Online course for all internal office staff.

Rolled out to 20,000 staff - course was mandatory.

Contains a short movie filmed on the london underground. Directed short drama scenes and managed a crew of 10.

Produced all films. Managed the project, stakeholder meetings and development.

Great example of collaboration.

BBC - Risk Masterclass

Online course about Risk Assessment.

Flash build with some screen capture from Camtasia.

Presented by Matt Allwright.

Quite a challenging project becuase of the scenario's were quite involved.

BBC - Production Safety

Online course for all production staff.

Rolled out to 20,000 staff. Managed budget of 120k.

This 2 hour course replaced the previous 10 hour one. Managed the project from start to finish, filmed/directed presenter and sourced all archive footage.

Users had to complete a scenarios under time pressure and if they failed there were disastrous consequences.

This is the largest BBC online course and was by far the most challenging.

BBC - Safety case study

Online video panorama.

This is an example of a video casestudy.

Interviewed people from areas of the BBC. They included EastEnders, Blue Peter, One Show, Radio 1 and Sport.

Produced all films.

BBC - Risk Awareness

One of my first courses at the BBC.

Produced all the short films, managed the development company.

Budget was 60k. Managed to get Matt Allwright to present course.

BBC - VCS Dira

Short online course for radio.

One of the smaller projects. Quick turn around. Had to coach the presenter.

Shoot completed in one day. Quite a challenge as we only had interlaced camera, presenter was on blue screen which was more difficult to key.

Produced all films. Managed the project and the developer.

BBC - Flash presentation

Flash presentation for Head of Training for BBC.

Tight deadline, 3 night development.

David Crawford created the template in Flash and I created all the images and all Flash animations.

Managed assets, development and met deadline.

No sleep but we created something which went down really well with the stakeholder.

Siemens - Lifeworks

Engaging flash video presentation.

Produced all the filming and the flash animations.

Still think this is really useful tool for large businesses who want to present to a large audience without using powerpoint.

Watch the course

Siemens - Openscape

Marketing tool.

Filming, greenscreen, stories, and first experience of using greenscreen with presenter and assets moving around.

Use of short short stories to describe benefits of the product. This was used at a global event with Microsoft in attendance.

Produced all short story flash animations and filmed presenter. Maybe it was Abbe Muschallik that everyone liked.

Watch the course

Siemens - Matrix

Sales conference tool.

Sales wanted some key messages shown at their conference in the style of the matrix.

I remember questioning the idea, but it was well received.

Abbe in PVC - she turned heads, believe me.


Siemens - Induction

Induction course.

This CD allows you to explore UK sites and meet and ask questions to people in the business.

It gives you personal control of where you want to explore and who to talk to, even before you have joined.

I've uploaded the introduction which I created in Flash. Was a great example of a team effort embracing technology.


Siemens - Xpress 3

Online course for technical engineers.

I remember self shooting all this in 3 days at Beeston in Nottingham.

I self-owned this project and produced all the films and animations for a flash template.

Given the freedom and having a solid process to development I was able to turn this around to a tight timescale. CD only.


Siemens - Ebid

Anglian Water tender CD.

This CD was sent with a tender to introduce our staff. A really powerful marketing tool.

You could interview people in the business and learn more about their skills.

Produced all interviews, created all graphics.